I told you it would be occasional edition

In my last newsletter I wrote about my studio and all the cool things I was going to build. Well, unfortunately, I decided not to renew my lease at the end of July. It’s definitely a bummer, but also kind of a relief. I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it work, and I’m happy to move on to the next thing.

I started making toys? 🎤🐛

One of the best things about that studio was having access to a 3D printer. Kaitlin asked me to make her a tiny microphone, and then I just started making a bunch of little things. The latest of them is a ton of tiny traffic cones.

It’s been really fun to quickly model something, print, sand and paint them. The most complicated of them is the model of our cat Frank. I would say the modeling process took 20-30 hours total.

Then I spent a ton of time getting the 3D printer to behave and get a clean print. Eventually I gave up and paid to have Shapeways print a super nice full color version.

Reczone has search now

Now it’s a lot easier to find things by searching through the stuff on there. I went back through and re-tagged stuff so it should be easier to sift through everything.

I made a typeface

It’s called Peanut, and is based on my handwriting. There are two weights of Peanut, Regular and Bold:

It was super fun to build out the font with FontSelf and get in and fiddle with the character spacing / kerning pairs.

Some weird bits: there are two versions of I because in comics lettering any I within a word does not have horizontal bars. Also if you have ligatures turned on, typing pnut will result in the peanut (it is also the glyph for ∞).

You can download Peanut here: https://stublag.com/peanut/

This whole project has been a multi-week side tangent from the other main thing I’ve been working on lately:

I’m writing a book

Well actually it’s a graphic novel. I’m drawing a book? It is a book that I am both drawing and writing at different times.

It’s about living in Seattle and working remotely over the last five years. Everything I’ve tried/bought/done to make it work for me. It’s a lot. I started roughing out a transcript and it’s over 2500 words already.

Some of the more recent drawings on doodle.zone are some rough drafts of pages/ideas that will eventually end up on the book. I’m still trying to figure out how to include more process work on doodle.zone. I think it would be boring to just go radio silent over there.

I don’t really know how long this is going to take, or how many pages it will end up being. 150? 200? For context I have finished about 7 pages in the last month and a half. Yikes!

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