doodle.zone turns 5

I was talking to a friend of mine about doodle.zone and realized that I was coming up on the 5 year anniversary of this project.

Doodle Zone

After I got my first iPad with an Apple Pencil, I started drawing before going to bed. I would draw something weird, and then send it to Kaitlin and go to sleep. Over time, this evolved to sending it to multiple people.

Eventually I realized that I was wasting a lot of time manually sending these doodles around when I could be sleeping. So, I built doodle.zone as a Wordpress theme, and have been making some minor updates to it ever since.


One of the first things I added to the site was including which song I was listening to on my iPad as I was drawing. I even set up a Shortcut to automatically grab the song when I post the doodle.

There’s a special page where you can see all of the music on each post at once: https://doodle.zone/music/

The Firehose

After making the music view I had the idea of making a page that’s just one massive list of every single drawing. It’s still my favorite way to view the site: https://doodle.zone/all/

I love going back and scrolling through 5 years of 362(!) drawings. You can clearly see all of the projects I was working on, and rough doodles of things that I would eventually go on to build out & animate in 3D.


Almost everything on doodle zone was drawn in the iPad app Linea. It turns out I really like the constraints of 5 layers and one color. I feel like I should get a   #6a6f7b tattoo at this point.


Last year I added support for categories, and went through and recategorized most of the doodles so you can see everything from a particular theme.

A couple years ago I started drawing little disembodied heads. It has turned into a whole project, and now I’ve drawn I think 62 of them. The plan is to draw 100 and then make a print of them all in a big grid. Is that something people would want? Let me know!

10 12 of My Favorite Doodles

Here’s to 5 more years!