Longtime occasional readers know that a few years ago I got really into 3D printing. I really liked making little toys, and always wanted to get back into it.

Well back in April I decided to finally jump back in. I had some ideas for tools I needed around my woodshop, and I figured now was as good a time as any.

I first started with little tools & hooks (aka Functional Prints), but very quickly got distracted making toys again. The first big project was taking the truck I made 3 years ago and deconstructing it so that it could be 3D printed.

Suzuki Carry

This turned out to be a pretty significant undertaking because there were a lot of little parts that needed to be separated or completely re-modeled to be 3D printable.

Suzuki Carry print layout

Eventually I got everything organized, and was able to print the entire truck.

Suzuki Carry Test Print

After some more tweaks I printed the truck + cargo (which takes about 32 hours total) and then hand painted the entire thing. I think it turned out great!

Suzuki Carry Front Suzuki Carry Back

I posted the truck online and was surprised by how many people asked for the STL (the 3D print file). So I took some time to organize and upload the truck where people could find it.

After posting the truck on Printables it has been really fun to watch people take it and run with it. Something I didn’t expect was that people would take my model and customize it (like a six wheeled version, or adding a roof rack).

The really cool thing is seeing people post pictures of their prints. I love seeing new pictures pop up every week.

A bunch of Suzuki Carry  prints.

My favorite one so far has been this person who printed the truck at 150% size (~5” tall!).

Big boy

Makes me want to reprint a huge one at some point!

There’s new stuff on reczone

A few weeks ago I went back and added a ton of new stuff to recommendation.zone. It was nice to go through and piece together ~15 new things to post on there.

What really got me back into it was seeing a different take on the same idea from Chris Glass. I kinda feel like his site is even better than reczone – but maybe it's just the great photography and less rigid format 😄

Okay that’s it!
Paul ✌️