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Studio Updates Edition Over the last six months I have been working out of a studio, and a couple of weeks ago I took over managing it. The guy who originally ran the space took a full-time job so I’ve stepped in to keep it going. While working here I’ve realized a few things: Having a studio I actually like going to is extremely important I can actually be the person to make that space a reality So, this studio has become its own project with lots of different pieces that I can focus on. A ... Read more

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After many years of kind of hating email, I turned a corner about them recently. The thing I realized was that the emails I hate are all of the notifications, unwanted newsletters and random noise you have to sift through daily. After signing up for some newsletters I have really enjoyed, I started to see the value of a nice email from someone you actually care to hear from. It’s a minor difference but that’s kind of the plan with occasional.email. An email from me every couple of weeks with... Read more